Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Soon to be that time...

Im such a sucker for salsa. I LOVE it! I love summer time just as much because that means Mom plants and plays...and whatever else you do in the garden, like making yummy home-made salsa! Usually I dont get real worked up about the actual garden part (just not my thing) but this year seems to be different. I really am excited to get the chance of helping out and seeing what all goes into, plus what comes out-salsa =) I didnt have any other pictures tonight that put as much of a smile on face as this one. So even though summer isn't quite here, im still getting geared up for it and all the precious time that will be spent with family and friends.

As far as any new "news" goes... Im heart broken over the tragedy and chaos of what is happening in Haiti. I woke up today hearing of ANOTHER earth quake there. Can these people not catch a break?? I really can say that I felt SO incredibly guilty waking up with a roof over my head, a place to sleep safely & comfortably, plenty of food in the fridge, and all the water I could need right out of the faucet. Many Haitians are fighting for their lives because they cant even get water right now. Makes you stop and take a real good look at we do have. Just doesn't seem right getting to enjoy all these things while there are people so much more deserving. Keep praying for them. Its going to be a long recovery for Haiti and everyone there.

More news... While Jay went to Arkansas this morning, I got ready for work. Little did I know that while I planned on having a nice relaxing quiet night, I would actually end up taking cover with others in our local Wal-Mart around the dressing rooms. Gotta love the weather. I didnt even know that we were expecting bad weather. No clue! Once I heard all the siruns and tornado reports (all moving to my area) I realized it wasn't good. I was driving down the road trying to get time sheets dropped off when more siruns went off and the rain came down harder. I'll admit I kind of panicked! Usually I love storms, but not when im completely by myself and that my "house" is an upstairs apartment. So just like everyone else I stopped off at the closest Wal-Mart and booked it inside just as they were locking the doors and telling all of us to take cover. Long story short..Im back home now and safe! Hopefully no more tornados though while im sleeping.

Last but not least... Im so BLESSED to have the wonderful family and  true friends that are in my life!

That sums it all up =)

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