Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiti Relief Effort

No pictures today. Sorry! I have been online for quite some time now (within the last few days) trying desperately to find out who is sending medical personnel to Haiti. Its so hard to see all the pictures through the media of what these people are going through right now. Its just as hard to be sitting here knowing that I have the experience and knowledge that could be assisting those who are injured or anything else, yet I cant seem to be there. Dont think im not applying like crazy though with all different types of organizations along with making millions of calls. I have applied with the NDMS, IMC, MFI, and American Jet's Air Ambulance's. Just to name a few...the last is quite long, and im sure it will only continue to grow for me as Haiti continues through this tragic event. So, not only am I trying to apply with these different organizations who are sending qualified volunteers, but also looking at the lists of affliated members. They are so many and so many ways to go about this, but for me its finding the ones that are actually sending the volunteers right now. With the way things are in Port Au Prince it has been a little difficult to land so they are having to find alternate means. Which really isn't much of problem considering everything else, but its just another factor that has some "airlines" afraid to fly at all. Understandably so. I will say though, that the most luck I have had as far as finding a flight was out of Florida. One of the organizations I looked at and had placed a call too is taking any nurses willing to volunteer. Sounded to simple when I first talked to the guy. What they are doing though is actually flying to Haiti picking up the injured and bringing them to the U.S. and while they are making these trips they are taking two to three volunteers at a time with them. He explained to me that as a volunteer, if I were to fly down with him I could stay a few days or longer to help. Then fly back to Florida. I was extremely anxious as he was telling me this because so far its the closest I have gotten to finding a flight and it not being this long ol' process. Its imediate. On the other hand though, he really wanted me to try and find someone or group doing the same here in Texas so that I wouldnt have to drive all the way to Florida. And I have been looking...and looking.........and looking some more. Unfortunately... it doesnt look like Texas is doing much of anything as far as sending volunteers. Its been like trying to find a needle in huge hay stack. I feel very helpless. not giving up...not even close to it. I checked on passports because I knew that would also present a huge hold-up. And to my surprise, I may be able to get one as earlier as two weeks from now. The process would be a little difficult and include me scheduling an appointment in a Dallas office because of the "rush." Thats what these people are there for and set up appoinments for though, in a emergency situation or disaster situation. I think Haiti falls into this category. I encourage everyone to do what they can whether it is donating your time or making a monetary donation. These people need it way more than we could possibly imagine or even need it ourselves right now. If you would like to make monetary donations please do so at these safe & secure sights:

Thank You & God Bless

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  1. Good luck...I hope you get there! Imagine the infrastructure here not being able to find a group in 1 state to another country vs. the ifrastructure there not even being able to find clean water or a bite to eat. Doesn't it make you really put things in perspective? What a world we live in...