Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh Boy...

Dear Conscience,

You really stink sometimes, you know that? I just want to say "wtf" is that okay?! How can you feel so good about keeping others secrets and confessions (funny or serious) yet when it comes to your own...you just HAVE to tell someone?! Whats the deal with that! So from now on just know that most days...I want you to go away. Thats right consciounce...I want you to go away (once in awhile!).

Yours truely,

Now that I got that off my chest can I just say that 2010 is really going to be quite the ride. Yes, there have been some set-backs already, but all in all I can still say each day is just as exciting and im still happy. Gotta count for something right?! I think so =) So much is taking place already and what better way to experience the new year than having photo's to capture all the new things!!! Keep checking to see new posts & pictures!

Bad idea #2. You could say three days later im still hurting after falling continuously!

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