Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Baby Bump

Last night I went to sleep seeing just the grass and no snow... This morning I wake up...and LOTS of snow, again. I cant say that I real happy to see that again. Although it was pretty, I was just really ready to move right on into spring. So I got around, warmed up the car, swept off the snow with the broom, and headed to my interview! Which, by the way, went superb I might add =) After that I decided to start heading back out to my parents since the weather was supposed to keep on getting worse. Not long after I got home one of my best friends gave me a call wanting to try and get some "baby bump" pictures while it was snowing. I was a bit skeptical, but VERY glad they all came out to get me and take pictures. We had so much fun and they really make a great looking family! I cant wait to do more of these maternity pictures!!! Enjoy =)

Jason, Cacee, Jaicee (7 months)

I think Jaicee was moving around in this one!

Aren't they just cute?!

So sweet =)

She makes pregnancy look perfect!

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