Saturday, February 6, 2010

Drop In & Shop

Today was the "Drop In & Shop" in Huntsville that my Sister hosted. There were about ten different vendors, all women except for one of the husbands who also showed up with English Bulldog puppies =) That was the highlight of the morning of course! It really was a blast and everyone had such fun stuff there to spend money on haha. My only let down...I didnt take my camera. I know, I know..what was I thinking. Oh well. I did try to beg Tyler for a puppy most of the morning. No luck their either! Of course I had to buy something this though so I bought Scentsy car tins from my Sister and a head band and flower that attaches to it. So cute!! The head band, for a baby of course =) I did at least take a picture of the very cute head band once I got home. Hope everyone enjoys! Have a great weekend!

There were LOTS to choose from or mix and match!

Love it =)

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  1. cool pic, & very cute head band. you need to shoot the ole house on 74. LETS GO DO IT TOGETHER xoxo mom