Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wild Wednesday

Wow what a week already. So much has been going on lately and its been a bit overwhelming, but I think I hit a breaking point! This post is probably going to be lots of rambling so bear with me!!

If your remember a few weeks ago I was pretty sick and ended up back and forth between doctors...hundreds of dollars later, im still having to deal with after effects! I went back to the doc yesterday and when the nurse laid out five big tubes (lab work) my jaw dropped. I said "Um, those arent all for me right?" Her response, needless to say, was NOT what I wanted to her. "Well your not going to fill them all the way up, right?" FAIL. And of course as im trying to get myself side tracked from what was being shoved into my arm, she proceeds to ask about my job and what a typical night is like. All I could think of at this point was what I have had to do the past few nights....seeing the phlebotomist poke and prod clients over and over. Yea, not what I wanted to think of at that moment! The nurse seemed real interested though and the conversation took off. I was trying not to get sick! Dont you just hate that whole thought process thing. Your trying to keep your mind off something that is really sickening, disturbing, ect...yet that seems to be the only thing you CAN think of! Sheeshhhh! So yea, as she is still filling those darn things up five minutes later all I can think of is that... over and over and over. Of course I cant even think of the fact that each of those viles along with the paper in front me that has check marks all over it is ultimately equivalent to hundreds of dollars. That is until I reach the front desk to check out. Then the vicious cycle starts all over again and its another sickening and disturbing thought! I suppose that its still a small price to pay for having a healthy and happy life and being able to have that care even available! Ha!

Im saving the best for last in case your wondering how much of this rambling you have to read and whether its even worth it! HA.

Okay, so I LOVE my job...I really do! How great is that? Everyone continues to ask how long I will stay due to the schedule. My reply... "for as long as they will let me!" Working the night shift definately has its pros and cons. The only thing that really is hard for me is getting in enough sleep and adjusting that schedule. Today was the first time in two weeks that I was able to sleep more than four solid hours. It was awesome! I enjoy knowing that if there is something going on in the middle of the day and I want to participate, I can. It comes at a price, but nonetheless I still have the option to do things during the day and not have to worry about taking time off. Plus, I cant think of a more rewarding job! Its very humbling and the clients are absolutely wonderful. Its like having a second family for sure.

I have to throw the fact that my 20th birthday is coming up this weekend!! Im pretty excited to see twenty along with being VERY thankful as well. Thank God for giving me another year and a new "number" to see! Im blessed...I really am.

Im learning so much about my camera and its really paying off. Im pretty pleased with it and cant wait to learn more. There has been ALOT going on related to this subject as well (photography). I have been filling up the calender pretty quick here lately, whoo hoo! It hasnt been all fine and dandy though. Thankfully...becasue it keeps me on my toes =P I got some rather shocking news yesterday... News that I really could have done without and pretty much rocked my world, not in the good way though. You know, just like any human being, I love encouragement, praise, and feedback... However, there is something I love even more. Are you thinking im conceded yet?! Ha. What I love even more though is having someone be so disrepspectful and rude as to tell you that you know nothing about your own work, are not original, nor are you even good at what you do. Someone who is supposed to be your friend at that. Why do I love that? Because it makes me work ten times harder at what I do and appreciate it even more so. Envy and jealousy are nasty things and unfortuantely it can really take hold of a person in a bad kind of way. Never in my life did I think the people I called my friends would also be the people to hurt me the most and hate that I have pursued my dreams. Yet, there is power in genuine forgiveness and this I understand. I will tell you that this photography business of mine has really showed me who my friends are. I have some really amazing friends and family and they have been so encouraging through everything. Despite having some issues this incredibly blessed and happy to be where im at with my business and things will continue to look up as long as I keep God, family, and my friends by myside. Oh and of course I cant forget to mention that after those "issues" I got a call discussing a business proposal and partner!!! So stay posted for that news soon =) God sure works in mysterious ways and for that im beyond thankful. I cant stress enough the saying im sure many of us have heard- "IF GOD BROUGHT ME TO IT, HE WILL TAKE ME THROUGH IT." Amen!!!

I owe all of you who have been there for me, through good & bad, a huge thank you! May God bless each and every single one of you through every single waking day to come. Its you all and God who keep me going each & every day and without that I wouldnt be half the person I have become nor would I have accomplishing what I have. Because of you I have faith. I love you all!

Now the photo's for tonights post are irrelavent to my ramblings, but they are from this weekend! Ha.


If you only knew who my Dad was talking to on MY phone! HA!

I loved seeing this Sunday!! Mom starting the garden-Cant wait!
Love my Mama!

VTX 1800

Time to ride.

What a beautiful day and wonderful Dad!

"We have to make our own mistakes. We have to learn our own lesson. We have to swift today’s possibility under tomorrow’s rug until we can’t anymore. Until we finally understand for ourselves what Benjamin Franklin meant. That knowing is better than wondering, that waking is better than sleeping and that even the biggest failure even the worst mistake beat the heck out of never trying."


  1. have to agree with Benjamin Franklin. You never get any place with out trying :)

  2. You are a BEAUTIFUL soul a sweet sweet soul!! LOVE you to pieces!!