Saturday, December 19, 2009

Silly Saturday

As I have told many of you...this blog is a work in progress just as much as im a work in progress! I also had said that there would be alot more to come this weekend and so far so good. Go me! One of the things I had though about doing on this blog, aside from it being mainly about my photography journey, was too include quotes. The first "blog" I ever created was just composed of quotes. Its a hobby of mine, collecting quotes. So, I think I have decided to have a quote of the day! Now, im fully aware that knowing me I may not get to it EVERY day, but I will definately be making an effort to do this daily even if I cant post anything else at the time. Wish me luck and I hope everyone continues checking the blog and seeing the updates! Many more to come!

At my best!

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