Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Well, it wouldnt be much of a blog if I didnt put any Christmas pictures up, now would it?! This isnt one of the best pictures by any means, but it is our first Christmas tree! We wont actually be there on Christmas day since we came back to Arkansas to be with family. Im so excited to get to spend the holidays with those I love though! Hope everyone is just as excited about Christmas as I am! Happy Holidays =)

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  1. Amber it is a beautiful tree "hope you've taken it down" since it's mid January that i'm typing this message. It would not have been Christmas if you weren't here to spend it with us. Had a freezing blast riding the side by side with you around the neighborhood in the snow on Christmas day, just another one of Amber's wacky adventures. Thanks for making my xmas day fun even though daddy had to work plowing the roads.