Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Finally Focused

I'm new to the whole blogging thing even though I do follow quite a few of the blogs. So now that I have a good reason for blogging I figured I could really give it a shot and see where it goes!
I went with a friend who was wanting to "see what I had" to take these photo's. I wont be putting all of them on here, but I will put most of my favorites. It was definitely a fun day and a long one at that. Well worth it in the end though! I believe the final count was near 250 shots. That definitely got narrowed down though. After everything and going through them countless times we decided on about 70 photo. For that being my first real shot at even "seeing what I had" I was pretty excited. Hopefully I have a chance to go back out there again some day and throw some more people in those photos!
I cant take all the credit though. Without Jim showing me this area and everything on the land I would have never got these pictures and they are defiantly the number one "album" for me so far! Thanks Jim!

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  1. I LOVE this photo so original!! I miss you!! Can't to see you at Christmas. It is odd even though I didn't really see you that much I could if I wanted to. But now it is different you are so far away so I can't just pop in any time and see your beautiful face. Love you more than you will ever know!!