Monday, June 7, 2010


Its been entirely way to long since I have blogged. Talk about feeling guilty! Im sure many of you have been very busy with this awesome weather we have been having, not to mention holidays as well. So many days I have wanted to just sit down and post something...even if it was just a few sentences, but of course never did! Sorry!!! Im trying to get back on track and stick to this. After all its part of the commitment I made to myself so I cant completely quit haha. The pool is calling though =)

Let me think...

Ok so my last post included Katelyn's senior shots and since then lots has happened. I cant say that I have had lots of photo shoots, but of course I have some really amazing friends whose kids im blessed to click away at all the time! They are all so cute and provide a million laughs a million times a day. Never a dull moment around all of them! I never did post any pictures of my best friends daughter, but im finally getting to now. I did her 1 Month shots a few weeks ago...cant believe she is already approaching two months. Time sure does fly. I tell them all the time that if babies stayed babies I would definately want one haha. Kids are amazing, but I think im still trying to gain patience before ever having some of my own. =P


Its funny how they change in a months time, not to mention how much more they move! I cant wait to get to do the "official" pictures with the two boys, Jaicee's big brothers. And yes I will stick to my guns once that shoot happens and post asap. Im so excited for those pictures since we will get to play outside with them and I know the boys will have a blast!

Im thinking she will look just as innocent at fifteen!
My thought with babies is "what exactly are they thinking???" Dont you wish you could know! Or like everytime they give a lil smirk, what its about. I think it would be hilarious! Im much more comfortable now with her than I was at first. Guess I just feel like im going to hurt them or like their so fragile. Then I remember how the nurses are so "gentle" with them in the nursery! Guess they are pretty tough lil things, huh?! I know this lil girl wont have any other choice than to be tough though lol.

But not to tough this first month!

So many ideas and plans are in the works. Yep, its just a matter of time. It may seem like im not doing anything and have quit with all the excitement of the photography, but I promise you thats not the case! Stuff just takes LOTS of time and alot of hard work. Even more work when your already working a full-time job!

I really hope everyone is having a greatly blessed and safe summer! Its just beginning!!!

“Dedication is not what others expect of you, it is what you can give to others.”

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