Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I am very thankful for many things today. We finally got to meet lil miss Jaicee, Cacee & Jakes beautiful baby girl, she was born Wednesday morning! I made the comment that I feel like an aunt all over again. Its so exciting! I will also be starting a with a wonderful company on Monday that is opening up endless opportunities for me, such a blessing. Lastly, is my own business...the more experience I get the better things go and im so blessed to have such wonderful clients to work with! Without them I wouldnt be where im at today. A huge thanks to all of them!

Just like everyone I have my days of feeling completely lazy or like throwing in the towel of all the hard work that goes into this. Yet, im so glad I dont because its just so amazing seeing that you alone CAN accomplish your goals and turn the dreams into reality as long as you keep trying. Such a wonderful feeling! Im not perfect and no one is, but that doesnt mean I cant be proud of myself and continue doing what im doing!


One thing that has given me a real good laugh is this new song called "I Pray For You" by Jaron and The Long Road to Love. Sounds kinda odd saying a song about praying is funny huh? Yea, well listen to it!! I promise you will love it and be laughing!

So who are you praying for?!

What is right for one soul may not be right for another.

It may mean having to stand on your own
and do something strange in the eyes of others.
But do not be daunted,
do whatever it is because you know within it is right for you.

PS. Stay posted for Miss Katelyn's Senior pictures that I did a few days ago!

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